Kenwood DMX7017BTS - car Hi-Res 2DIN

multimedia center with Bluetooth, test

Car multimedia centers are famous for their versatility and multi-format. But it seems that Kenwood DMX7017BTS surpassed them all - both due to ease of use and due to work with high-resolution Hi-Res Audio formats.

Being a leader is always honorable and always very difficult. You need to be in front of everyone, do everything better than anyone, and always follow those who are near and behind. This is for people. And for appliances, home or automobile, to be a flagship means not only providing the user with everything that others can, but at the same time be one step ahead.

KENWOOD DMX7017BTS - returning from the models of diskless multimedia devices KENWOOD presented in Russia, it has already received the award of the EISA association "The best double din head unit of 2017-2018". This model can do everything (and even more - play 2 types of Hi-res audio format) that other devices on the market can do, and can compete with any head unit.

But since she can do everything, the question arises: what is the main thing in her?

Fans of pure sound will say: Hi-Res Audio, including FLAC 192/24 and DSD, high-definition formats will begin to discuss the sound processor with a 13-band equalizer and sound delay systems. Video lovers will pay attention to the playback of formats ...

We were impressed by the integration technology of the head unit with a mobile phone. This is work via the Bluetooth protocol, and, most interestingly, the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies. They give a fundamentally new quality to the head unit.


The multimedia head system Kenwood DMX7017BTS is made in 2 DIN format with a large 7-inch touch screen. The sensor is made using resistive technology, but it should be noted that it is very sensitive and does not require poking on the screen, which we often observed in standard systems. At the same time, the display is non-removable and does not recline. That's because there is no CD / DVD player in it. The developers abandoned the formats in favor of a USB slot, which is displayed from the back of the device in a convenient place for the user.

On the back of the Kenwood DMX7017BTS chassis are all connectors and a cooling fan. During installation, it is necessary to provide air access to it, since the system is equipped with a built-in amplifier with a maximum power of 4x50 watts.

On the lower edge of the display are seven buttons that can be used to call the basic functions of the device. This is not visible in the photographs, but the buttons themselves are located at the end of the “shelf”, which is very convenient to put your fingers on and rest on when controlling Kenwood DMX7017BTS via the touch screen. From ergonomic findings, you can immediately pay attention to the Viewing Angle system. Its task is to adjust the angle of contrast of the screen.

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